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I am pleased to welcome international Patients. It does not matter if your German is not perfect - I am not a native speaker, but my English is for sure well enough to examine and treat you.



Unfortunately, I cannot set up the webpage bilingual. In case you are looking for a medical doctor with university degree who is additionally specialized in natural medicine, such as homeopathy, kinesiology and alternative/biological cancer therapies, you are kindly invited to contact me (click here for contact-options).


My consultory is a Private Consultory (sorry, German public health insurance does not cover this kind of service). It is located in Schwabach, south of Nuremberg and Erlangen.


Brochures in English

Leech Therapie
Information from the "Biebertaler Blutegelzucht"
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Aeskulap Stab
Arztpraxis Dr. med. Susanne Ehmer

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